Ferrous Crete is a leading manufacturer of Polymer modified adhesives in India. The company is primarily located in Faridabad, Haryana.


Sara – Coarse Putty : It is a polymer modified white cement based coarse putty, specially designed for all types of Internal & External surfaces. It can be applied directly as a thin plastering over concrete surfaces of Ceilings, Columns, Blocks, Precast Walls and Bricks. It is ideally useful for any repairing work viz., To fill the fine pores and To level the undulations. It can be applied up to 10mm thickness in 2 coats. It is also useful to repair the plastered surface .Hence it emerges out one of the finest cementitious bonding strength product, which protects the surface from adverse climatic conditions & enhance the life of the surface.

CATEGORY: Wall Putty

  • Description


    Sara- Coarse Putty is Suitable for direct application on all externally/ internally lined surface like Brick, Block Cement Sand Plaster, Old Scrap Surface and RCC Surface. To get the complete smooth finish, Apply 1 MM coat of Sara Wall Putty (Fine Grade) after the coarse putty.

    • No water curing
    • No shrinkage and cracks
    • Ever lasting
    • No wastage
    • No maintenance
    • Saves time
    • Easy to use
    • Cost saving
    • Environment friendly
    • Sets gradually
    • Better aesthetic value
    • High bonding Strengt
  • Technical Data

    • Water Ratio
    • : 18-20 as per weight
    • Pot Life
    • : 60-125 minutes
    • Comprssive Strength
    • : Min 4 MPA (After 28 days)
    • Bulk Density
    • : 12-1.7 KG/Ltr
  • Coverage Area

    Approx. coverage 4 – 5 Sq.ft./Kg bag at 3mm bed thickness and also depending upon the undulation on Wall or Ceiling.

  • Additional Information

    • 20 Kg. & 30 Kg.
    • Colour : Off White