Ferrous Crete is a leading manufacturer of Polymer modified adhesives in India. The company is primarily located in Faridabad, Haryana.


Ferro screed is special polymer modified screed use with clean water and aggregates. It gives high bond strength, water resistant, and good compressive and flexural strength. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Ideal for use in green building. Ferro Screed has an accelerated cure allowing for installation of ceramic, vitrified and stone flooring in 24 Hours after placement and non breathable flooring system in 48 Hours. Ferro Screed can easily be screeded or sloped, much better work ability and fast curing than conventional mortar. It is ideal for interior or exterior repair. Such as filling trenches re-stooping balconies and forming screed that may or may not receive flooring installation subsequent.

CATEGORY: Under Layment

  • Description


    For horizontal exterior and interior structural concrete repair and concrete topping as for renovation and resurfacing interior and exterior horizontal concrete substrates found in residential, commercial and institutional.

    • Self curing
    • Rapid drying
    • Ready to use, ensures constant level of performance
    • Mechanic resistant for screeds subject to heavy traffic
    • High dimensional stability
    • Eco friendly

    • Pot Life
    • : Approx. 1.5 – 2 Hrs.
    • Temp. range for application
    • : 5C to 40C
    • Thickness of the screed
    • : 8 to 60 MM
    • Foot Traffic
    • : After 8 Hrs.
    • Time for laying tiles
    • : 24 Hrs

    Bed thickness Ferro Screed Aggregates Approx Coverage
    12mm 40kg. 160kg. 80 Sq.ft.
    25mm 40kg. 200kg. 48 Sq.ft.
    35mm 40kg. 240kg. 40 Sq.ft.
    50mm 40kg. 280kg. 16 Sq.ft.

    • Colour : Grey
    • Pack Size : 40 Kg.

    • 40 Kg need approx 14 – 16 lts of water for an ideal mix. Adjust the water content depending on the site conditions.
    • Do not over mix. Over mix can came air entrapment which could shorten pot life.
    • Do not over water material or Ferro screed without perform as specified.
    • Ferro screed can be applied in practical manners following the traditional phases required to produce cement based screeds.
    • If too much water issued this may result in shrinkage and cracking and a longer dying time.
    • Adjust compacting according to the final finish required.
    • Immediately after application and compacting of the screed adjust the surface using a metal flattener and seal the surfaces itself using a float.
    • The finish of the screed carried out by moistening. It with water and using a rotating steel disk very often in the
    • creation of a surface crust which is not very absorbent and will extend the screed drying time.