Ferrous Crete is a leading manufacturer of Polymer modified adhesives in India. The company is primarily located in Faridabad, Haryana.


It is polymer modified product that serves as an excellent bond on the RCC background, and the Internal gypsum based or any other Plaster based wall lining. Its unique formula of Polymer, additives makes it coarse and improves its bonding properties. Y ou need not physically develop the surface by hacking or any other methods.

Ferro – 400 Gypso Bond product is specially formulated as a plaster bonding agent for pre-treatment of smooth backgrounds. It contains an aggregate to provide a mechanical key. It is used on smooth, sound, dust free backgrounds, concrete. It is colored green to help avoid missing any areas, and is best applied by rollers, brush to give a complete covering. It should be left a minimum of 24 hours before plastering.

CATEGORY: Gypsum Plaster

  • Description


    Suitable for Internal RCC, Concrete, Gypsum based, Plaster based wall living.

    • No hacking required
    • Excellent cohesive bond to RCC, Concrete and other surfaces
    • No curing required
    • No shrinkage
    • Moisture Tolerant
    • Due to green colour, its is easy to see where it has been applied
    • Higher coverage
    • Good mechanical, bonding strength
    • Can be use directly on the surface

    Surface Preparation

    All substrates must be structurally sound, dry solid and stable the substrates should be clean and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint curing compounds, concrete sealers, loosely bonded topping and any other substances that may prevent or reduce adhesion.

    • Care should be taken not to apply window frames, door frames or other decorative surfaces, as once dried it will have to be scraped or washed for removing the same
    • Should not be used where the plaster contributes to the designed fire performance or plays an essential part in fire protection
    • Do not apply on wet surfaces
  • Coverage Area

    Approximate 100 Sq.Mtr. per 20 Kg. bucket bag and also depending on the surface and application technique.

  • Additional Information

    • Colour : Green
    • Pack Size : 5 Kg., 10 Kg. & 20 Kg.
    • Shelf Life : Best before 6 months from Date of Manufacturing.

    • Mix material properly with clean rod & apply single coat with brush/rollers
    • Do not add water
    • Use a good quality paint brush. The brush should be cleaned with enough quantity of water immediately after use
    • Stir the contents of Ferro – 400 Gypso Bond it thoroughly before use and apply evenly as a single coat application
    • Apply with even distribution of fine aggregates over the surface
    • Allow it to dry thoroughly for around 24 hours. However this can very depending on both environmental conditions and ventilation
    • Now the surface is ready to apply the gypsum plaster within 10 days
    • Recommended thickness for applying Ferrous Crete* Plaster in ceiling is 8-10mm