Ferrous Crete is a leading manufacturer of Polymer modified adhesives in India. The company is primarily located in Faridabad, Haryana.


It is a 3 component grout. The epoxy sprinkling grout with sprinkling effect in three various group. The grout constituting of Strong Hardener, Resin and Organic coated filler for color fastness for coated filler. It is a 100 % Solid epoxy grout with high chemical and stain resistance. It is non shrinking, non sagging, fast curing efflorescence free grout. It is ideal for installation where high strength mold and mildew resistant grout joints are required. It has high temp, resistance and can be steam cleaned suitable for joints between 2 to 12 mm in width. Ideal for use in green building.


  • Description


    For Interior Floors, walls and Counter T ops, Installations, Industrial Commercial and Institutional walls and floors (Interior) installation grouting ceramic floor wall Pavers and porcelain and Natural stones.

    • Dissolves easily
    • Permanent shine
    • Water & chemical resistance
    • Stain free
    • Germ free
    • Low water absorption
    • No shrinkage
    • No water seepage
    • Acid resistant

    • Working Temp
    • : +15ºC to + 30ºC
    • Pot Life
    • : Approx. 50 minutes at 20ºC, Approx. 40 minutes at 30ºC
    • Curing Time
    • : 16 hours at + 20ºC
    • Full carrying Capacity
    • : After 4 days at 20ºC, After 8 days at 10ºC
    • Compression Strength
    • : Approx. 65 N/mm
    • Elasticity modulus
    • : Approx. 4200 N/mm
    • Adhesion to tiles
    • : Approx. 25 N/mm
    • Shrinkage
    • : Approx. 0%
    • Temperature resistance
    • : Approx. 80ºC
  • Coverage Area


    1Kg. 5Kg.
    a) Resin 0.2 Kg. 1 Kg.
    b) Hardener 0.08 Kg. 0.4 Kg.
    c) Coated Filler 0.720 Kg. 3.6 Kg.

    Shelf Life : 12 months when stored in unopened packs,


    • In a clean container mix all of Resin and all of Hardener. Allow enough time for all the material in the Resin and Hardener containers to flow completely out. Mix it until a homogenous, consistent mixture is obtained. Do not over mix.
    • Add Coated Filler to the Resin and Hardener mixture and mix it.
    • Mix thoroughly until a homogenous consistent colour is obtained.
    • Always mix complete units. Partial mixing will result in uncured grout. Do not add other material to this mixture.
    • Remove mixed product from the container and place in small piles on the tile surface.
    • Use a hard – rubber float with a sharp edge to force the grout into the joints in a continuous manner leaving it flush with the tile edge.
    • Be certain that all joints are well – compacted and air free of voids and gaps fill the joints with the maximum amount of grout possible.
    • Thoroughly remove excess grout from the face of the tile before the epoxy loses its plasticity or begins to set.
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